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    Would you go for metal braces or clear tooth aligners if you were struggling with misaligned teeth and would like to adjust the occlusion, gaps, or overcrowded teeth? If the answer to the question is clear aligners, you are not alone.

    The best clear aligner product that has become prevalent over the years is Invisalign braces, which are affordable, long-lasting, and comfortable. Nevertheless, if you want a successful Invisalign treatment, you must find an exemplary general dentistry service. At The Lakewood Dentist, we have experienced dental specialists to perform the procedure. If you want to avoid unattractive metal braces, we have discussed Invisalign, their benefits, types, candidacy, process, and cost to help you choose the proper tooth alignment process.

    Align Technology (ALGN)

    Aligner technology disrupted the orthodontic industry with clear tooth aligners. The technology comprises select virtual modeling or molding software, custom virtually invisible aligners, and immediate development. With this technology, it is easy to straighten or align your teeth without wearing metal braces. Statistics show that in 2017, at least one million patients purchased aligners from ALGN, while five million patients sought the treatment. The data illustrates that people, particularly teens, are moving away from traditional braces, and these appliances are no longer a passage rite. Despite the growing popularity of invisible aligners, there is still a market to be tapped.

    Invisalign at a Glance

    Invisalign is a procedure that utilizes removable, virtually undetectable aligners to straighten or align jaws and teeth without depending on wires, and it acts as an alternative to metal braces. The conventional races are effective in straightening the teeth, but their unattractiveness discourages many from seeking treatment. Because of their unattractiveness, Invisalign has replaced metal braces. The primary advantage of Invisalign over braces is that the clear aligners are detachable, making them easy to remove when brushing. Also, you replace them every fourteen days. As the treatment continues, you receive tighter aligners to push the teeth or jaw to the desired position and obtain a beautiful smile.

    Invisalign Braces Advantages

    When you have lost your smile and tooth functionality because of overcrowding, gaps, or misaligned teeth, Invisalign and conventional metal braces are your treatment options. However, individual differences make Invisalign valuable over metal braces, despite the common objectives. The reasons many people choose Invisalign over traditional braces include:

    Invisalign Braces are Virtually Invisible or Undetectable

    The clear or undetectable features of the Invisalign braces make them a preference for many dental patients, particularly teenagers, young adults, or adults who need the treatment but do not want others to notice a variance in appearance. For example, a teenager who wants to live stress-free of braces or a news anchor who is consistent with appearance will not go for metal braces because people will notice the variance in looks. Nevertheless, when they use Invisalign braces, they can maintain the same look and attain the goal the conventional metal braces seek to achieve: straightening the teeth.

    Invisalign Enhances your Gum Tissue and Teeth Health

    The traditional brackets or braces trap food debris, allowing plaque and calculus formation in the mouth. With time, bacteria grow and spread in the mouth, causing severe oral health issues. However, with the Invisalign braces, you can detach them when eating or brushing, enabling you to maintain oral hygiene habits critical to preserving healthy soft tissue and teeth.

    Invisalign Treatment is Comfortable

    The undetectable braces used in the Invisalign treatment are prepared using smooth material, making them comfortable to wear. These clear appliances are designed to suit your mouth’s conditions and have no sharp edges, making them feel comfortable in the mouth. Besides, dentists use composite materials to make these braces. Hence, they do not cause mouth irritation or sores, unlike metal braces, which are uncomfortable because of the persistent friction between the wires.

    Clear Aligners Give you the Freedom to Choose Food or Drinks

    Certain beverages or habits, like smoking and drinking red wine, can stain the cementing material of the invisible plastic fixtures in the mouth, making them visible. This is an apparent contradiction to the primary reason for the treatment, which is to have undetectable aligners. A restricted diet can affect your nutrition, which is crucial for maintaining healthy teeth. However, unlike metal braces, clear aligners are removable, meaning you can detach them when you want to eat and have the freedom to pick what you want to eat without the fear of staining the appliances.

    Invisalign Treatment Lowers Jaw Pain

    Crooked teeth typically cause bite problems, resulting in jaw pain and teeth grinding. If the uneven bite or malocclusion continues for a long time, it causes muscular issues and jaw pain. The traditional brace can help align the jaw and teeth and prevent pain, but the downside is that it is associated with pain. Invisalign braces alleviate jaw pain and are comfortable; thus, they do not cause discomfort or pain.

    Other benefits of Invisalign braces are:

    Invisalign Candidacy

    Any person, adult or teenager, with fully erupted permanent teeth and who can follow instructions is a candidate for Invisalign. However, statistics published by The Washington Post show that 80% of dental patients who opt for clear aligners over metal braces are aged between 6 and 18, while the remaining 20% are adults. Many teenagers seek treatment because they experience issues forming permanent teeth at this age. At The Lakewood Dentist, we encourage most adolescents and adults to go for the treatment as they can adhere to post-procedural instructions like when to put on the Invisalign braces and for what duration.

    Before scheduling an appointment for our general dentistry services, you must conduct background checks on the braces and jot down questions about the procedure you want answers to before proceeding. If you walk into our offices with basic knowledge of the Invisalign braces, you will quickly acquire the answers or clarifications you need during the consultation to establish your candidacy. You are eligible for Invisalign if:

    1. Your Teeth are Overcrowded

    Most orthodontic issues do not stem from insufficient oral hygiene practices but from genetic features that show as you grow, and the same growth is experienced in the mouth. You will experience crowding teeth if your jawbone is small, as the space will not allow teeth to erupt. If you fail to arrest the issue of crowding teeth on time, food particles and bacteria accumulate in the mouth, leading to severe dental conditions like decay and periodontitis. These conditions occur because, with overcrowded teeth, you cannot reach certain areas of the teeth for cleaning because of overlap, resulting in poor dental hygiene.

    Aside from the oral conditions stemming from overcrowded teeth, you become self-conscious of your smile, and this can make it difficult to socialize, leading to social anxiety. You will feel embarrassed any time you smile or talk in public. Do not let tooth overcrowding cause further dental issues or hamper your social life. Our orthodontists at The Lakewood Dentist can straighten overcrowded teeth using Invisalign.

    1. Your Upper Teeth are Biting Over the Lower Ones

    The condition where the teeth on the upper jaw bite over the ones on the lower jaw is known as an overbite or overjet. Subconscious habits like letting the tongue sit on the anterior incisors when the mouth is closed can also lead to overjet. The tongue exerts force on the front or anterior teeth, and if this continues for an extended time, the anterior teeth’ move the mouth outwards. Your incisors become elongated, which changes your facial appearance. You begin to look older than your actual age. The protruding teeth make it impossible to shut the mouth properly, making your life challenging. Invisalign braces can help align the protruding teeth, restoring your facial look.

    1. You Have Widely Spaced Teeth

    Gaps or spaces in the teeth develop due to abnormal tooth eruptions in the jawbone or missing teeth that cause the remaining ones to shift toward the open spaces. Your teeth are deemed widely spaced if the distance between them ranges from one to five millimeters. Gaps in the mouth create a conducive environment for plaque accumulation, allowing bacteria to breed. With time, the bacteria grow and spread, causing cavities. With our Invisalign procedure, the teeth will be pushed to their natural position, eliminating the spaces in the mouth. Doing so leaves no room for plaque and bacteria buildup, saving you from several oral issues.

    1. You are Experiencing an Underbite

    You experience an underbite when the anterior upper teeth lag behind the front lower teeth. Underbite is common among people with disproportionate jaws. These orthodontic conditions are severe due to the pain you suffer when the teeth crash. Continued crashing of the teeth over an extended period causes chipping and tooth fractures. If you fail to arrest the problem on time, the tooth surface wears down, leading to gum recession. Invisalign braces can help with chipping by returning the teeth to their natural positions.

    1. You are Experiencing a Crossbite

    When your upper teeth and lower ones overlap due to an underbite or overbite, you are said to have a crossbite. Frequent attempts to straighten the teeth can also cause a crossbite. The crashing of these teeth increases the risk of teeth chipping, so we recommend Invisalign to shield them from continued damage.

    If you suffer from any of these oral conditions, your teeth have fully erupted, and you can follow post-treatment directions, you are a candidate for Invisalign. Talk to us today to determine your eligibility for Invisalign braces.

    Invisalign Braces Forms

    Even when you are eligible for clear aligners, your needs are unique and require special treatment. This is why clear aligners come in various types, each concentrating on your needs. The Invisalign braces types are:

    Teen Invisalign Braces

    Teenagers are the most significant users of clear aligners. The jaw is still developing at this age, so the orthodontist must use braces that allow for continued jawbone growth. Our dentists customize teen braces to align the teeth and jawbone as they grow. We utilize unique clear aligners that enable your dental formula’s development and intervention without using elastics.

    We understand teens can easily damage their aligners, which is why the teen Invisalign treatment comes with six more braces to replace the lost or damaged ones. Also, these unique appliances come with eruption flaps to create space for eruptions. Again, the aligners are accompanied by compliance gages or indicators that aid the teen in determining whether to wear the retainers for the stipulated twenty-two hours. Therefore, the compliance indicator ensures parents or guardians receive value for cash by ensuring teens wear the Invisalign braces as directed for successful treatment.

    Complete  or Full Invisalign Braces

    When you aim to reposition your teeth to their natural position, we will suggest a complete Invisalign treatment. The general dentistry service takes approximately one and a half years to obtain the desired outcome, although the orthodontist can extend the duration depending on your needs.

    Invisalign Express

    For individuals whose orthodontic problems are restrained, dental experts at The Lakewood Dentist recommend express clear aligners. You can choose five clear aligners to wear for three months or ten, which you should wear for half a year.

    We will vouch for the type of clear aligners to wear based on the extent of your orthodontic problem.

    Preparations for the Treatment Procedure

    Once your orthodontist establishes that you are a candidate for Invisalign braces and picks an Invisalign type, the next phase is to plan or prepare for the actual procedure. First, you will visit us at The Lakewood Dentist to talk to one of our experienced orthodontists. During the appointment, you will make your hopes and objectives known. Your orthodontist will explain the duration of treatment before you can achieve your goals and answer any questions you have about the procedure.

    We will then take an impression of your teeth to obtain your teeth’s size and the mouth’s structure. The dental expert then utilizes the print to generate a 3D computer model of how your teeth and jawbone will be moved gradually, which will be used as the foundation for crafting a sequence of clear aligners to realign the teeth.

    Invisalign braces are typically made at the Align Technology dental lab using computer-aided design or manufacturing processes. These aligners are then sent to your dentist to be dispensed at every appointment. At The Lakewood Dentist, we have the three-dimensional technology necessary to plan and tailor clear aligners in-house in our dental lab.

    How Invisalign Treatment Works

    Invisalign treatment focuses on tooth alignment to return them to their natural position. Therefore, after the aligners have been fitted for the first time, expect regular check-ins with your orthodontist for new clear aligners. We usually replace the Invisalign every two weeks because it takes time for the targeted teeth to shift significantly toward the desired position.

    The teeth’ movement duration to the desired position hinges on your dental concern. If you have an overjet or overbite, you will wait longer for the teeth to shift backward to where they were intended. A crossbite also takes a long time to fix because teeth move in different directions. So, do not worry if your teeth take longer than usual to move a significant distance. The duration of Invisalign treatment varies from one patient to another, depending on the orthodontic condition.

    When you opt for full Invisalign braces, you should expect to make at most thirty appointments with our dental experts. In each visit, we will replace your clear aligners, meaning you will wear at most thirty clear tooth aligners to reach your goal. During treatment, you must wear the retainers for at least twenty-two hours daily to pressure the teeth to move quickly into the anticipated position. By observing your dentist’s instructions, you will achieve your desired goal.

    Your jaw and the mandibular are retained by flexible muscles, explaining tooth straightening. Even though you can straightforwardly adjust these relaxed muscles, adhering to your dentist’s post-treatment instructions is critical. Failure to do so will make the treatment disadvantageous because the teeth or chin will relapse, reversing the benefits of the Invisalign procedure. You will need additional time to align the teeth again, leading to extra costs.

    You should be a highly disciplined individual to wear clear aligners 22 hours a day. Children and teenagers find it even more challenging to wear retainers, as they are likely to remove them when unsupervised. However, parents can know when children comply with the dentist’s direction thanks to teen Invisalign braces fitted with compliance indicators. When the teen wears the retainer as instructed, the gauge turns blue. The new technology has helped parents track compliance, increasing the success rate of the treatment. Besides, it has reduced the need for constant supervision, as the indicator can demonstrate whether the child is compliant. Even adult retainers are fitted with trackers to motivate them and increase compliance.

    Cost of Invisible Aligners

    With the many benefits Invisalign braces offer over metal braces, you should anticipate paying a colossal sum for the treatment. At The Lakewood Dentist, we charge roughly $3,000 to $8,000, which is way above what you pay for traditional braces. However, considering clear aligners are comfortable, undetectable, and removable, you should expect a price variance. The unique features of the virtually invisible aligners that enhance tooth alignment treatment make the procedure expensive.

    The procedure cost varies depending on your dentist, the orthodontic condition you are addressing, and the treatment duration. Do not let the high cost of these retainers deter you from seeking treatment. We offer flexible payment plans that can help make the treatment pocket-friendly. The payment plans include:

    1. Health Savings Account (HSA)

    One of the ways you can subsidize your clear aligner treatment is through HAS. The plan is available for salaried employees. Here, you deduct or appropriate a portion of your salary pending tax for medical needs. With the program, you can use the funds to pay medical expenses if they are hefty. And when you fail to utilize the funds in twelve months, you can move them to the following year, removing the need to exhaust the annual savings every year. The plan is different from the flexible spending accounts because, under FSA, you cannot enroll the funds for the next year if you do not utilize all of your annual savings. Not all employers offer these options, so talk to yours to see if they are available.

    1. Dental Insurance Coverage

    Contributing to a dental insurance policy will make the Invisalign treatment affordable, as your insurer will pay $3,500 of the total treatment bill. If you hold this policy, talk to your insurer and learn what fraction of the treatment they will pay. Even if the insurer only pays a portion of the total cost, it will significantly reduce the cost, making the procedure affordable. Unfortunately, not everyone has dental health coverage. If you are among these individuals, contact us to explore other flexible payment options.

    1. Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

    If your teenage children require clear aligners, you can utilize CHIP to pay for treatment. However, you can only use this payment option if orthodontic conditions are hampering the health and growth of the minors. CHIP conditions vary based on the jurisdiction. Therefore, speak to your orthodontist to understand the eligibility criteria in California.

    In other cases, your orthodontist can allow you to pay a fraction of the overall cost and pay the remainder in installments until the treatment concludes.

    Before you develop a budget for the procedure, visit us for a thorough examination to ascertain the level of orthodontic condition, the number of clear aligners, and the time it will take for the teeth to align.

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    When your misaligned chin or teeth are causing severe orthodontic concerns and you want to address them, dental experts at The Lakewood Dentist can help. Our experts know Invisalign treatment and will explain all the information to help you make an informed choice. We understand what a flawless smile and functional teeth mean to your overall health and life, so we are here to help meet your expectations. Contact us at 562-423-1441 to schedule a meeting.

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