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    Orthodontic services are dedicated to correcting jaws and teeth that are misaligned, offering benefits for both aesthetics and oral health. Orthodontists use techniques such as braces, headgear, retainers, and Invisalign to ensure effective tooth alignment. In addition to improving smiles, orthodontic treatment plays a crucial role in maintaining overall oral health.

    At The Lakewood Dentist, we offer a wide range of orthodontic services in Lakewood, CA. Our dental practice has a team of dedicated and experienced orthodontists who are committed to helping patients achieve and maintain attractive smiles and optimal oral health. We provide expertise and care for individuals of all ages, offering services ranging from assessing to treating and diagnosing various oral issues.

    Understanding Orthodontic Services

    Orthodontics plays a crucial role in diagnosing, treating, and preventing dental issues related to teeth and jaw alignment. Orthodontists specialize in providing these services, which address concerns such as overbites, crooked teeth, crossbites, and underbites.

    In addition to improving the appearance of your smile, orthodontic treatment can have a positive impact on speech issues and difficulties with chewing. Typically, treatment methods involve using retainers, braces, as well as other orthodontic instruments to achieve a healthier bite and improve oral functionality.

    Orthodontists utilize advanced instruments and methods to correct and diagnose issues with teeth and jaw alignment. They leverage cutting-edge technology such as 3-D imaging, computer-aided setups, and X-ray imaging to develop precise treatment plans. By collaborating with oral surgeons, dentists, and other professionals, orthodontists ensure a comprehensive approach that yields optimal results.

    Common Types of Orthodontic Services

    Orthodontics includes a range of treatments aimed at improving the alignment and appearance of teeth. These services include the following:

    Traditional Braces

    These braces offer a solution for correcting bite issues, misaligned teeth, and jaw issues. In addition to enhancing the appearance of your smile, they also address oral hygiene concerns by reducing the likelihood of gum disease and cavities. By choosing braces, you can alleviate jaw pain, speech problems, and chewing challenges, all while achieving a beautiful smile.

    Traditional braces help straighten teeth by applying gentle pressure using wires and brackets. They are available in various materials, including ceramic, plastic, and metal. Metal braces are an affordable option, while ceramic braces tend to be less noticeable. Plastic braces offer the highest level of discretion but come at a higher cost. You can choose the option that best fits your needs and budget.

    The duration of braces treatment can vary depending on the nature of misalignment. In general, it takes 1 to 2 years for braces to fix orthodontic issues. Regular visits to the orthodontist for adjustments and checkups are essential throughout the treatment process to ensure optimal results.

    While braces can initially cause discomfort, patients need not worry. To alleviate any discomfort, orthodontists often provide wax that can be placed over the wires and brackets. This forms a barrier between the mouth and braces, ensuring a more comfortable experience during the treatment process.

    Lingual Braces

    This type of brace helps in aligning jaws and straightening teeth. Unlike traditional metal braces, they are placed on the rear side of the teeth. This makes them virtually hidden from the front. These custom-made braces prioritize comfort while delivering effective results in achieving a beautiful smile.

    Lingual braces consist of different components like brackets, elastics, and archwires. The brackets, made from ceramic, metal, or a mix of both materials, are attached to the rear side of the tooth. The archwire connects these brackets and gently guides the teeth into their desired position. Elastics are also utilized to provide extra force when needed and should be changed regularly.

    These types of braces provide an effective treatment option for orthodontic cases, typically lasting twelve to eighteen months. During this process, patients will have regular dental check-ups with their dentist to monitor their improvement as well as make any necessary adjustments. You can rest assured that your journey toward a beautiful smile will be carefully guided and supported every step of the way.

    Lingual braces provide adults with a discreet option to enhance their oral appearance without the noticeable appearance of traditional metal braces. However, it is important to note that lingual braces might not be ideal for everybody. They require diligent dental hygiene and couldn’t be the optimal solution for people with bite problems or significant misalignment.

    When it comes to lingual braces, it is important to note that adjusting them could be more challenging compared to traditional braces. The placement of brackets on the rear parts of your teeth adds complexity to the adjustment process. To achieve optimal results, you should consult with a professional orthodontist who specializes in lingual braces.

    Ceramic Braces

    Also called clear braces, they are an ideal option for individuals seeking to align their teeth. These braces offer a discreet appearance by using brackets and white or clear wires that seamlessly blend with natural teeth. With ceramic braces, you can straighten your teeth without drawing unnecessary attention to your orthodontic treatment.

    These braces offer a comfortable and durable option for straightening teeth. They are crafted from quality ceramic material and are developed to be significantly less noticeable compared to traditional metal braces. The smaller and smoother brackets guarantee a comfortable experience while delivering the same effective tooth movement as their metal counterparts. Moreover, the ceramic wires are concealed, resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing smile throughout your orthodontic treatment.

    Ceramic braces are an appealing alternative to traditional braces due to their aesthetic appeal and low maintenance requirements. Featuring wires and brackets that seamlessly blend with your teeth, ceramic braces offer a discreet orthodontic solution. Additionally, they are highly resistant to discoloration and staining, which means they require less upkeep.

    These braces offer numerous advantages over traditional metal braces, including aesthetic benefits and enhanced comfort. With smoother and smaller wires and brackets, they minimize irritation to a person’s cheeks and gums, providing a more pleasant orthodontic experience. In addition, fewer adjustments with ceramic braces mean fewer visits to the dental professional.

    While ceramic braces offer a more discreet alternative to metal braces, it’s important to consider their potential drawbacks. One drawback of using ceramic braces is their higher cost compared to traditional braces. The cost can vary based on the complexity of your case and the kind of ceramic material used. Ceramic braces could also require more time to align your teeth compared to traditional braces.


    Invisalign offers clear and removable aligners, providing a discreet and convenient solution for straightening teeth. It’s particularly preferred by teens and adults who are seeking an option to traditional metal braces. Invisalign offers a convenient and effective solution for straightening teeth. These custom-made, clear aligners gently and gradually move the teeth into a desired position over time.

    It is ideal for addressing different kinds of teeth misalignment. Whether you’re dealing with underbite, overcrowding, crossbite, crooked teeth, gaps between teeth, or open bite, Invisalign can effectively address these issues. With treatment periods ranging from six months to two years, you can count on Invisalign to help you achieve the straight and beautiful smile you desire.

    When you begin your Invisalign therapy, your dental professional will conduct a thorough assessment of your teeth using impressions and X-rays. These details will be used to devise a personalized treatment plan specifically tailored to your needs. As part of the treatment, you will be provided with custom-made dental aligners that should be worn for approximately twenty-two hours a day. It’s crucial to schedule regular visits to your dental professional every four to six weeks to monitor the progress and ensure that everything is on track.

    If you are looking for a hassle-free option to straighten your teeth, clear aligners can be the ideal choice. These nearly invisible and comfortable alternatives to metal braces offer the solution. You can enjoy the freedom to drink, eat, and maintain oral hygiene without any inconvenience. Rest assured that wearing them will go unnoticed by others.

    Self-Ligating Braces

    These types of braces revolutionize orthodontic treatment by eliminating the need for ligatures or elastic bands. With their unique slide mechanism, these braces securely align teeth without any hassle.

    There are several benefits to using these braces, including:

    Jaw Surgery

    Jaw surgeries, or orthognathic surgeries, are dental procedures that address various issues with the facial and jaw structures. Its primary goal is to improve both aesthetics and functionality, offering a comprehensive solution for enhancing the overall appearance and function of the jaw and face

    Orthognathic surgery offers numerous benefits for common conditions such as underbites, overbites, and misalignment. By repositioning the jaw, this procedure can effectively correct bite issues and improve overall oral health. Jaw surgery offers a reliable solution for achieving a good bite and enhancing both oral health and facial appearance. This procedure can involve realigning the jawbone or incorporating grafts to improve their size and shape.

    Jaw surgery could be carried out in a single or multiple phases, depending on the nature of the condition. The first step involves creating a precise program using advanced imaging techniques such as 3D imaging or CT scans. This allows the oral surgeon to accurately measure and determine the necessary repositioning of the jawbones to achieve optimal results.

    During maxillomandibular advancement, the surgeon carefully adjusts the jaw bones to their intended position through small incisions. To promote proper healing, it may be necessary to temporarily use screws, wires, and metal plates to secure the bones. This method is commonly utilized in corrective surgery.

    In the pursuit of enhancing facial features, the next stage often involves shaping the jaws. This procedure may include carefully sculpting and adjusting the cartilage and bone to achieve a more balanced facial profile, enhance tooth alignment when biting, and enhance the overall appearance of the jaws.

    The final step in the jaw restructuring process involves adjusting the muscles and skin of the patient’s face. This may include removing and reshaping any excess skin to align with the new jaw structure, resulting in a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing facial appearance.

    After the operation, the patient should prioritize rest and put on protective jaw splints for a few weeks. This will ensure proper healing of the jaw while closely monitoring any potential problems. Once the jaw has fully healed, you can resume your regular activities.


    This is a custom-made, removable orthodontic device that’s used to correct or maintain tooth position. It’s worn for a specified period to maintain or adjust the teeth’ alignment. Retainers can be used to prevent teeth from shifting or to fill gaps between missing teeth.

    Retainers are essential oral appliances created from a blend of plastic and metal wires. They are custom-shaped to fit comfortably in the patient’s mouth, effectively maintaining the preferred position of their teeth. Some retainers even feature an additional wire along the rear part of the teeth to ensure proper alignment. With their unique design, retainers play a crucial role in preserving a beautiful smile.

    Regular cleaning of retainers is essential to maintaining oral hygiene during the period they are worn. By preventing the buildup of bacteria, patients can ensure their retainers remain clean and effective in correcting orthodontic problems.

    Retainers serve multiple purposes. They not only help correct minor misalignments of teeth but also play a crucial role in maintaining the desired outcomes after the mounts have been withdrawn. Additionally, retainers can effectively close spaces between teeth and prevent them from moving out of their required position. The importance of retainers in dental care cannot be overstated.

    When wearing retainers, patients may initially experience some discomfort, which is normal. However, this discomfort should gradually diminish over time. If prolonged discomfort persists, it is recommended to seek guidance and advice from an orthodontist for personalized care.

    Palatal Expanders

    These are also called rapid maxillary expanders. They are orthodontic devices that help to widen the upper jaw. They provide significant benefits, especially for children who require correction for a crossbite. This takes place when the upper teeth rest at the back compared to teeth on the lower side. Additionally, a palatal expander creates room for crowded teeth, ensuring optimal tooth alignment and promoting a healthy smile.

    Palatal expanders are used by orthodontists to expand the upper palate. The metal device, which is attached to the molars, comprises two halves joined by a screw. By turning the screw, pressure is applied to the palate, resulting in a gradual expansion. The fitting process involves creating a custom appliance based on an image of the child’s mouth. Regular check-ups and adjustments are important to maintain functionality as well as ensure the patient’s comfort and well-being.

    Palatal expanders help to improve dental alignment. It functions by broadening the upper jawline, facilitating proper alignment of the teeth, and promoting healthy jaw growth. The degree of expansion can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each patient, guaranteeing optimal results. By applying the appropriate amount of power to the device, patients can achieve a broader and more symmetrical smile.

    Although the outcomes of a palatal expander may not always be permanent, there is a solution to maintain the desired results. Wearing retainers after treatment can help prevent the jaw from reverting to its original width. Retainers play an essential role in keeping your jawline in its new and wider position, ensuring long-lasting benefits.


    Using a headgear can help correct a range of oral issues. Orthodontic headgear serves to align misaligned teeth and jaws while also addressing issues such as crowding, open bites, protruding teeth, and deep bites. The headgear typically consists of metal, consists of straps that securely wrap around the person’s head, and are connected to wires or braces attached to the back teeth.

    A headgear orthodontic service is considered an effective method for gently guiding the movement of the jaws or teeth. It works by applying intermittent and continuous force, based on the specific issue being addressed. While it is typically recommended for young children to prevent further complications, it could also be beneficial for adults, although the treatment duration may be longer.

    To achieve successful headgear orthodontics, patients must follow their orthodontist’s instructions. This includes wearing headgear as required to provide effective treatment. Additionally, maintaining a regular dental hygiene practice with proper flossing and brushing at least two times a day is essential. Regular visits with the orthodontist are also important for monitoring the progress of the treatment plan. By following these guidelines, patients can achieve optimal results and enjoy healthy teeth.

    The period of the treatment depends on the nature of the problem, typically ranging from 6 months to 2 years. In certain situations, headgear orthodontic services can be incorporated with other treatments, like braces, to attain optimal results. You can rest assured that your skilled orthodontist will customize your treatment plan to ensure the best possible outcome.

    Advantages of Orthodontic Services

    Orthodontics offers numerous advantages for patients. Not only do they enhance the appearance of your smile, but they also contribute to better overall oral health. There are several benefits to opting for orthodontic services.

    These benefits include the following:

    Orthodontics plays a vital role in enhancing oral health. By addressing misaligned jaws and teeth, these services not only make it easier to maintain good oral hygiene but also reduce the likelihood of gum disease and cavities. Furthermore, orthodontic treatments can prevent tooth decay as well as other dental health problems.

    These services can enhance the appearance of teeth and contribute to an improved overall facial structure. They effectively minimize overcrowding and gaps, straighten teeth, and enhance the overall aesthetic of your smile.

    Orthodontic treatments offer more than just enhanced alignment of jaws and teeth. They also make it easier to maintain oral cleanliness and prevent the buildup of tartar and plaque. Additionally, by reducing the risks of TMJ disorder, these treatments can alleviate jaw joint pain and discomfort

    Orthodontic services play a crucial role in enhancing self-confidence by improving the physical appearance of teeth and jaws. With a beautiful and healthy smile, individuals can experience a significant boost in their confidence levels.

    Having misaligned jaws and teeth can increase the risk of injury to your teeth and oral cavity. However, orthodontics can effectively reduce the risks by improving the structure and correcting misalignment of your teeth and jaws.

    Orthodontics offers improvements in both tooth function and jaw alignment. By enhancing chewing and biting abilities, they provide increased comfort during speaking and eating, ultimately leading to an improved overall quality of life.

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